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So since 'techno' is part of this community... what kind of genres do you all like?  Even though I've been more emo lately, I still play my electronica cuz I'm a dj.  I play a lot of stuff- particularly D&B, tech house, deep house, nu skool breaks, progressive, and recently I've been playing a lot of freeform hardcore.  I just got totally hooked up with my friend's old trancecore, some happy(old happy like mid-90's) and gabba/dutch.  If anyone is interested in any mp3 mixes, let me know.  I have some trip-hop, d&b, house, progressive and trancecore.  I also have a new freeform set I just uploaded.  I don't really feel like promoting my sites here quite yet, but if you are interested in my stuff or in our new internet dj network (live dj video via winamp), let me know.
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