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does it kill, does it burn, is it painful to learn, that it's me that has all the control?

Clearly I have yet to post about my friend's band, so I will do that now.

My name: Meaghan
I'm from: Albany, NY
3 favorite bands?: *local* - Swindle EPI, Public Access, and Brian Kaplan. *non local* Brand New, Big D and The Kids Table, and Foo Fighters
I've met: Basically the whole Albany scene.. I met F-Timmi and Zebrahead before. I also met Ben Folds.
Instruments I play: I play bass and clarinet *trumpet hopefully soon*, but I am not in a band.

Come visit Public Access (they're ska/punk) on purevolume to download/listen to a few of their songs. I swear the Hey Ya cover is good :) or just go to their website and ask to buy their cd(s) I promise, you will not be dissapointed
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